Pacitan is a real little paradise to visit and not just a fantasy. Prove it and enjoy this little paradise with family and relatives. Summer has arrived, our place is always ready to receive your visit for a vacation. Guaranteed safe and beautiful can not be explained by words. This is a real paradise. Pacitan was lovely, a very beautiful place to visit.

Maron River
Location : Village Dersono, District Pringkuku, City Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia.

Green Canyon - The Indonesia Amazon

Watu Karung Beach
Location : Village Watu Karung, District Pringkuku, City Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia.

As summer break arrives, Watu Karung beach will again welcome you to enjoy the beautiful waves. Paradise surfing

Buyutan Beach
Location : Village Widoro, District Donorojo, City Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia.

Air travel prospect above Buyutan, so travel special interest destination.

Gong Cave
Location : Village Bomo, District Punung, City Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia.

Do not get bored visiting this place, weekend has arrived, come picnic to Gong Pacitan cave only.

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