Lyrics SoundLift, RedSound & Cathy Burton - Empty Echoing (Amsterdam Trance)

Title : Empty Echoing
Artist : SoundLift, RedSound & Cathy Burton
Album : Empty Echoing (Amsterdam Trance)
Genre : Trance

Lyrics Empty Echoing

you can hear the distance
in the quiet of my voice
it’s the sound of silence
closing in

are we playing with fire
or just a flickering coal
are we hurting each other
tell me, do you feel the burn

colours come to light our way
a burst of golden flames
a silver lining
glowing ashes fade to gray
from the ruins of our love
you make me wonder

is there a wavelength
to this silence
a frequency for us to share
i call your name
i need to hear your voice
but no one’s answering
an empty echoing
empty echoing

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