Lyrics Only Summer Knows - Susana

Lyrics Only Summer Knows - Susana

Lyrics Susana - Only Summer Knows (Amsterdam Trance)

Title : Only Summer Knows
Artist : Susana
Album : Only Summer Knows (Amsterdam Trance)
Genre : Trance

Lyrics Only Summer Knows

you have been alone
for so long
i know you’ve seen the dark edge
close and personal

and you’ve lost your faith in love
but love has always tried to find you
bring us back to life

can you remember
scattered pictures
the love
you left behind
can you remember
that long hot summer
we shared
dreaming in the sun

only summer knows
i didn’t want it to end
the power of our hearts
could light up a day
summer knows
we showered in the moonlight
believing that love could last
can you believe again?

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