Lyrics Alex Leavon & Julia Ross - When I'm With You

Title : When I'm With You
Artist : Alex Leavon, Julia Ross
Album : When I'm With You (RNM)
Genre : Trance

Lyrics When I'm With You

fast pace, no breaks, got nothing to lose
i have a reckless heart when it comes to you

i love how it feels
no hands on the wheel
free and faded
got nowhere to go
we donʼt have to know
if weʼll make it

i could jump in the fire
and let it slow burn
get drunk on the wire
and never get hurt
when iʼm with you
when iʼm with you

we could
run all the red lights
donʼt care if we crash
leave it all behind us
and never look back
got nothing to lose
when iʼm with you

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