Perpetuous Dreamer √ Lyrics √ Dust.wav

Perpetuous Dreamer √ Lyrics √ Dust.wav

Lyrics Perpetuous Dreamer - Dust.wav (DJ Encore Remix) [RNM CLASSICS]

Title : Perpetuous Dreamer
Artist : Dust.wav (DJ Encore Remix)
Album : Perpetuous Dreamer Dust.wav (DJ Encore Remix) [RNM CLASSICS]
Genre : Trance

Perpetuous Dreamer Lyrics

when your world's a hidden secret,
that i yearn to touch i wanna know your soul
reveal it to me.

when your eye's a flood of teardrops,
and your wings are broken i will give you hope
believe in me.

in the dust, of your wave
a heartbeat is a part of the greater dream
like a rope, around your throat
it won't let you breathe if you let go.

when your stars are out to get you
and you can't find love inside to fill the hole
there's comfort in me.

when your roots are taken hostage
by the one you love why don't you let it be
surrender to me.

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