Lyrics Summer Sun | Kaimo K & Jo Cartwright

Lyrics Summer Sun | Kaimo K & Jo Cartwright

Lyrics Kaimo K & Jo Cartwright - Summer Sun (Amsterdam Trance)

Title : Summer Sun
Artist : Kaimo K & Jo Cartwright
Album : Summer Sun (Amsterdam Trance)
Genre : Trance

Lyrics Summer Sun

replaying visions in my mind
like an image, a reflection
of days gone by
a vivid story
a memory that was ours
the colours and the texture
so alive
i don’t hear you whispering my name
and the truth is that i’m empty
empty and in pain
the road seems very long
the mountains far too high
and there’s a void
calling your name

when summer break through the clouds
i see you
i feel you
your voice in my head so loud
i hear you
i need you
like the warmth of the sun
the warmth of the summer sun

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