Lyrics It's Your Life - Mart Sine & Natalie Gioia

Lyrics It's Your Life - Mart Sine & Natalie Gioia

Lyrics Mart Sine & Natalie Gioia - It's Your Life (Uplift Recordings)

Title : It's Your Life
Artist : Mart Sine & Natalie Gioia
Album : It's Your Life (Uplift Recordings)
Genre : Trance

Lyrics It's Your Life

you know it's always dark before the dawn
but keep on going without fear
don't think if it's right or wrong
cause it's a game that you will win.

there's no any mountain high enough
don't rush the things, take your time
and not every river is so rough
success will always be on your side

it's your life, so take the pressure
it doesn't matter you're rich or poor
it's your life, you'll find out your pleasure
you can open any door
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