Lyrics Meteorite - ReOrder & Katty Heath

Lyrics Meteorite - ReOrder & Katty Heath

Lyrics Katty Heath - Meteorite

Title : Meteorite
Artist : ReOrder & Katty Heath
Album : Meteorite
Genre : Trance

Lyrics Meteorite

out in the distance
i reach for you
call your name
something holds you back
but you can not explain
always chasing one more star
the race is never over
can you see me in the dark

floating round the stratosphere
no gravity
to pull you here
million miles apart
even when you are so near
illuminate your darkest hour
the light is all around us
can you see me from afar

like a flash through the night
burning bright
can you feel the flames
of my heart
rushing in
i’ve fallen in
too late to catch me
from the sky
i am falling from height
like a meteorite

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